Implants that are too small or too large

Complications Requiring Breast Revision Surgery


“Implants that are too small or too large”

Sometimes when patients undergo their first breast implant operation they are unrealistic about the final size they will be after surgery. Most patients are over cautious and select their implant a little smaller due to fears of going too big. Within six months after surgery, when the implants have fully settled into place, those same patients wish they had gone larger.

On the other hand, some patients select implants that are way too large for their body aesthetically, but do so to please a significant other. If and when that relationship ends, the patient is displeased with her choice and wants a change to an implant that fits her size and body shape.

Not to despair, implants can be easily changed up or down in size and without complications. It does, however, require the patient to undergo another operation to make this change. One cannot simply add saline to a small implant to make it larger. Additionally, those patients who had to undergo their original operation using saline implants for FDA legal reasons up until 2006 can now switch to silicone which looks and feels more natural.

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