Facial Procedures

Thousands of individuals each year have facelift plastic surgery to look and feel younger, and feel more attractive. Do you want to achieve a younger looking appearance; facelift surgery can dramatically improve loose facial skin and sagging. Your face takes constant abuse from the sun, stress, fatigue, smoking, alcohol, laughing, and even talking. A facelift, can improve the visible signs of aging. It can tighten sagging facial muscles, loose neck skin and remove excess fat to give you a more youthful appearance.

Facial Procedures Include:

faceliftFace Lift

The skin of the face and neck tends to sag with gravity and age.  Deep creases and wrinkles gradually form on the sides of the mouth, across the forehead and around the eyes.  Jowls may develop along the jaw line due to loss of muscle tone.  Fatty deposits and sagging skin can cause a double chin.  When you look in the mirror and see the visible signs of aging of the face and neck, it is time to consider a facelift.

Sun exposure, heredity, and the basic stresses of life are revealed in the face.  A facelift is a surgeon’s way to restore a more youthful appearance – one that time and gravity have stolen.  AesthetiCare surgeons utilize the most current, modern surgical techniques to reduce this aged appearance by tightening facial muscles, removing excess fat and skin to eliminate sagging and wrinkles.

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eyelidEyelid Surgery, Blepharoplasty

Eyelid surgery can rejuvenate tired and droopy looking eyes and puffy bags under your lower lids.  Removal of excess fat and skin is done through fine incisions placed in the upper or lower eyelid creases.  This will give the eyes a more youthful and brighter appearance.

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foreheadliftForehead Lift

A brow lift, or forehead lift, can raise drooping eyebrows, and remove creases and frown lines along the forehead. Most forehead lifts are performed on patients when the natural aging process begins to etch visible lines on the face. The brows appearance can have a great effect on one’s apparent age and the height of the eyebrows can dramatically affect how the eyes appear.

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nose-surgeryNose Surgery, Rhinoplasty

Is your nose too large, too wide, or too pointed?  Do you have a bump or is it crooked?  Do you have trouble breathing out of one or both sides of your nose?  Many people feel the shape of their nose detracts from their appearance.

Nasal surgery is one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures.  Rhinoplasty can change the shape of the whole nose or just a small part, making it fit more harmoniously with the rest of the face.  Correcting a deviated septum can make breathing easier and removing a bump can aesthetically enhance your appearance giving you more self-confidence.

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chin-augmentationChin Augmentation

A chin augmentation will add facial balance and definition to the face. The chin plays an important role in facial appearance. Many people may feel that their nose is too large or too small; not realizing that their chin may need enhancing to balance their facial structure.  Chin implants are often combined with nasal surgery in order to correct one’s profile.

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cheek-enhancementCheek Enhancement

If you are lacking fullness in the cheeks and have hollow areas in the mid-face due to aging or weight loss, cheek enhancement surgery is a procedure to consider.  Facial volume decreases over time due to the natural aging process. A more youthful appearance can be restored with cheek implants.

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ear-surgeryEar Surgery, Otoplasty

Ear surgery is a procedure to reduce the appearance of protruding ears or improve the proportion and shape of the ears.  Surgery can also repair injuries and correct imperfections to the ear.  A natural looking ear that matches the face is the goal of ear surgery.  Ears that are too prominent can cause severe self-esteem issues for children and adults.  Our surgeons at AesthetiCare can help. Through incisions behind the ear your surgeon will remove excess cartilage and reshaped the natural folds of the ears.  Children can have this surgery done as young as age four.

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laserskinLaser Skin Resurfacing

If you have fine wrinkle, acne scarring, sun damage, and blotchy skin, CO2 laser resurfacing is most likely the procedure for you.  It will improve overall skin appearance and health.  The CO2 laser has a more dramatic effect than a chemical peel. Your surgeon at AesthetiCare is trained in the safe use of laser equipment and is able to specify the amount of energy transmitted to the skin’s surface by the laser beam and control the depth of penetration.
The laser can be used on the entire face or specific areas.  There are certain characteristics of your skin, such as deep wrinkles or sagging skin, very dark skin, or a history of thick scarring, which may influence whether you are a good candidate for laser resurfacing.  Patients benefit from the laser’s mild “tightening” effect on the skin resulting in smoother, younger looking skin.

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