Male Cosmetic Surgery

Men are finding that they can benefit from today’s cosmetic surgery procedures.  Many people tend to place a high value on looking trim and fit.  It is not enough to be qualified for a career in the business world, but you must look qualified as well.  Men of all ages and occupations are seeking cosmetic surgery.  Receding hairlines, love handles and droopy eyelids are just a few of the problems that motivate men to seek treatment.

The ideal male shape looks trim and athletic with a full head of hair, broad shoulders, tight abdomen and narrow hips.  Not every man is destined to have that Adonis look.  With cosmetic surgery men can achieve the look that will give them the self-confidence to compete and succeed in today’s hectic and demanding workplace.

As men age, their bodies undergo subtle changes.  Fat accumulates creating jowls under the chin, and love handles and abdominal bulges where that trim waist once was. Gravity, weight gain and loss, smoking and alcohol, stress and fatigue all take their toll, causing drooping and sagging skin.  Heredity and aging contributes to receding hairlines.

It is important to be candid with your surgeon when discussing the cosmetic changes you would like.  Be realistic in your goals.  Surgery will make you look younger and increase your self-confidence, but it won’t guarantee that promotion or a date with that cute redhead at the bar.

facelift will remove excess skin and tighten sagging muscles to give you a more youthful appearance.  Done in conjunction with other facial surgeries, you can remove the furrowed brow and drooping eyelids that make you look old and depressed, create a stronger more masculine nose, prominent cheekbones or better chin projection.

Body sculpting with liposuction can remove fat that accumulates on the torso causing love handles, abdominal bulges and large breasts (gynecomastia).  Excess abdominal skin from weight loss and loose abdominal muscles can be corrected with a tummy tuck to flatten the abdomen. Hair grafts can camouflage areas of thinning hair to give you more fullness.

Many men believe that their appearance has a major impact on their career advancement.  Baldness and receding hairlines make some men look much older, worn out and less productive.  Today men are regaining some of their youthful appearance with the help of hair replacement therapy.