Breast Lift Surgery (Delete)

Your surgeons at AesthetiCare Cosmetic Surgery Institute are technically trained in reshaping and adding fullness to sagging breasts. With minimal scarring, lifting and reshaping breasts, a beautiful result can be achieved. Throughout our website you will find comprehensive information on procedure details with exceptional results pertaining to breast lift surgery. From your initial consultation, pre-operative preparation and surgical procedure, to your compressive aftercare, our physicians and staff place your safety and satisfaction ahead of everything else.


Pregnancy, weight gain and loss, gravity and breast feeding all take their toll on your breasts.  The breasts lose their shape and firmness as the skin loses its elasticity.  Surgery to reshape and lift sagging, droopy breasts is called mastopexy, or breast lift.  It can also reduce the size of an enlarged areola (the dark skin around the nipple).  A breast lift may be done in conjunction with a breast augmentation if your breasts are small, underdeveloped or have lost volume due to pregnancy.


During your consultation your surgeon will examine your breasts.  He will show you the approximate placement of the nipple and areola, because they will be moved to a higher position.  The incisions are made to follow the natural contours of the breast.  They will vary with the amount of excess breast skin that is removed from the lower part of the breasts. The nipple and areola are lifted to their new higher position along with the underlying breast tissue.  The skin above the nipple is brought down to reshape the breast.  Sutures close the incisions, giving the breast its new contour and improved firmness.


Another surgical approach for women with small breasts or minimal sagging involves removing a doughnut shaped ring of skin around the areola.  The circular incisions are closed with a “drawstring” suture.


If your surgeon is placing an implant together with your breast lift, it is placed in a pocket beneath the breast tissue or under the breast muscle.


You will be up and around in a couple of days, but you should take it easy for at least a week.  Swelling and bruising begins to subside in a week.  Any discomfort can be controlled with pain medication prescribed by your surgeon.  Any numbness in the nipples and the breast skin usually fades as the swelling subsides. You will be wearing a support bra for a few months after the operation.


Every effort is made to make the incisions as inconspicuous as possible.  Sometimes the scars are extensive, but will fade over time.  You will be able to wear low cut clothing and swimsuits without fear that the scars will show.


After surgery your breasts will be higher and firmer.  Your new contours will enhance your appearance and self-confidence.