Breast Reduction

Orange County Male Breast Reduction Surgery

AesthetiCare Cosmetic Surgery Institute physicians can provide excellent male breast reduction results and improve most males self-confidence with male breast reduction surgery. Some medications, genetics, hormones, excessive alcohol and tobacco use, and certain steroid use can all contribute to enlarged breast tissue in men. Many men suffer from emotional and physical problems due to gynecomastia. A better self-image and a more masculine torso can be achieved with male breast reduction surgery. You will find the most accurate and knowledgeable information and advice, as it relates to your interest in enhancing your appearance with male breast reduction surgery, throughout our website. Attention to detail in all areas of your surgical experience is of paramount importance to us. From your initial consultation, pre-operative preparation and surgical procedure, to your compressive aftercare, our physicians and staff place your safety and satisfaction ahead of everything else.

Gynecomastia is a fairly common but rarely talked about condition of enlarged male breasts. Sometimes overdeveloped male breasts can be linked to specific drugs or medical problems. But most commonly gynecomastia is caused by excess localized fat deposits. Breast reduction surgery for men can help them feel better about their appearance.

Before surgery you will have a complete medical check-up to rule out any curable medical cause of your enlarged breasts. Obesity, impaired liver function, excessive use of alcohol or marijuana, estrogen containing medications and anabolic steroids can all contribute to gynecomastia. If any of these conditions are detected, they must be corrected by the appropriate medical specialist before surgery can be performed. Overweight men are encouraged to diet and exercise prior to their surgery.

Your surgeon will make an incision under your breast or around the areola (the dark skin around the nipple). Liposuction is usually the treatment of choice to remove these excess localized fat deposits. Persistent excess glandular tissue, fat and skin can be surgically removed from around the areola and from the bottom and sides of the breast to create a new smaller breast contour if liposuction is not indicated.

Swelling and bruising are normal and will subside over the next few weeks. You will need to wear an elastic bandage or pressure garment as your breasts heal. Scarring is usually minimal and will fade with time. You should avoid direct sun exposure for six months.

Breast reduction surgery for men creates a more masculine chest contour, enhancing your appearance and increasing your self-confidence and self-esteem.