What to Expect the Day of Your Cosmetic Surgery

You will be greeted by our receptionist. She will enter your name into the computer and notify your entire surgery team that you have been admitted for your operation.  Your admitting nurse will escort you to a private, pleasantly furnished pre-operative suite designed to meet your personal needs.

After you have changed into your surgical gown, one of our Anesthesiology staff will review with you your previous medical history and discuss any medications you may be taking. They, or one of their assistants, will have already called you the night before surgery to insure that all of your anesthesia questions are answered before the operation. They will also explain your planned anesthesia, and what you may experience during your procedure and immediately afterward during your recovery.

You will again meet with your surgeon, who will review with you in detail all aspects of the planned procedure, answering any last minute questions you may have about the operation, your recovery, medications and your post-operative care. He will also make any pre-operative markings at this time.

Your operation will be performed in a hospital-type, state-licensed, federally (Medicare) certified operating room by your surgeon, who will be assisted by our Anesthesia staff, a licensed Registered Nurse (certified in Advanced Licensed Cardiac Life Support), and a licensed surgical technician.

Each of our operating rooms has been designed and equipped for your safety and comfort. To help insure this, we have installed high-tech, state-of-the-art instruments, lighting, surgical equipment and tables, communications intercoms and an emergency electrical generating system that automatically activates in the event of a power failure.

After surgery you will be moved to the Recovery Room to awaken from the anes­thesia. Your recovery will be supervised by our anesthesia staff and your surgeon. Your recovery room nurse will follow specific instructions provided by your surgeon and will give you individualized attention, special care, and monitor your recovery progress.

When our anesthesia staff is satisfied that you are fully awake, your surgeon will meet with you. He will discuss your surgical results, give you post-operative instructions and release you to go home or to an after-care facility as required. At this time, your family and friends may rejoin you.

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